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Address: P.za Fontana, Milano

Architect: MTA Maura Tardini Architetto

Assistant: Arch&Arch Associati

Scope of Work: Assistance to the Projects and Work Management

Size: 1.600mq

Value:  € 2.950.000

Status: Completed 2002



milano | 2002

project leader

MTA Maura Tardini Architect


The new headquarters of Bloomberg LP, an international multimedia information company, is located in a building in the historic center of Milan, a short distance from Piazza del Duomo.
The renovation has created a space with high visual impact, thanks to the windows on the porch, which open to the view of the pedestrians who can see images of the television channel Bloomberg, in a great impact scenery. Plasma screens, the writing light rushing on the raised floor, the aquarium and the optical fiber wall which changes color, are all elements that make the reception space, where sensory activities are stimulated and fascinated by the combination of multimedia technology and architecture. The glass elevators run up and down the six-storey, through a vertical big red writing with the company name. The work spaces are developed on the three upper floors.