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milano | 2005

Client:  CMB

Address: Milano Sud


Scope of Work: Project Financing

Size: 165.000mq 

Value:  € 35.000.000

Status: Completed 2005

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For this project financing the project assignment was related to an area of ​​irregular perimeter designed to accommodate a large cemetery complex, located just south of Milan, currently located on agricultural plot of land, marked by rows of poplars with significant presence of water, which were once paddies field.
The cemetery which lies there is essentially formed by two axes equipped, hosting different functions, concluded  by a large terraced apse. All around there are the islands of burial geometrically marked. Fragments of free garden, enriched by ponds, surround the geometric warp like pause for rest and reflection. Strongly related to the pet cemetery and crematorium.
The underlying idea is cathedral structure dominated by a central aisle that houses ossuaries and columbaria and an access transept. The intersection of the two axes is the centerpiece of the cemetery which host the memorial chapel, the Chapel and the Ceremonial Hall.