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Client:  HIRTOS spa

Address: Via Macchi, Milano

Architect: C. Pollazzon - C. Pensotti -

S. Garofalo

Scope of Work: Space Planning; Projects and Construction Management

Size: 800mq

Value:  € 670.000

Status: Completed 2002

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milano | 2002

Working with several sites in Italy as company of accounting services, for its new headquarters in Milan the HIRTOS decided to redevelop an existing space, through a total renovation of the spaces. In opposition to the formal and functional sobriety of the office we opted for an image of high-impact color and texture in the entrance areas and connecting. Color plays a major role, defining a strong contrast with the wood trim and walls and furnishings made of aluminium.
The careful use of light helps to give a warm and muffled appearance to these spaces, marking the difference between operational and convivial areas.