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varese | 2012

Client:  KPMG spa

Address: C.so Matteotti, Varese


C. Pollazzon - C. Pensotti - S. Garofalo - D. Maggioni

Scope of Work: Space Planning; Projects

and Construction Management

Size: 428mq  |  Value:  € 432.000

Status: Completed 2012

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The enlargment requirement of the multinational corporation KPMG located in Varese, led the customer to opt for a space of great representation in the city center. 

The choice was a recently renovated building with proper spaces to be converted into modern and functional offices suitable to receive clients with taste and elegance. Natural materials, sober and elegant finishes, offices subdivios made with glass elements give a great, comfortable feeling to the whote thing.

The model of space planning we choose is  designed to improve people's work, introducing the important concept of wellness and extreme flexibility in the places of work.