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treviglio (bg) | 1999

Client: Comune di Traviglio (BG)

Address: Treviglio (BG)

Architect: G. Pensotti - R. Ubaldi

Scope of Work: Planning; Projects and Construction Management  

Size: 5.580 mq - 4.200 seats

Value:  € 3.163.500

Status: Completed 1999

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Aware that the great collective rituals require a strong symbolic representation, we have reworked upon the theme of public classroom such a large object in the landscape, with a specular a surprisingly unified and determined image but attentive to the environmental impact. The plant consists of four large corner towers bearing the same number perimeter beams, which with their coating of white marble, give it an appearance of great unity. The beams carry a shiny natural aluminum lowered vaulted roof. On the whole thing there is a steady image, pleasant and indicative of a quality public service.