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Client:  TWT spa

Address: Via Vigevano e V. Sabotino, Milano


Scope of Work: Planning; Projects and 

Construction Management

Size: 200mq

Value:  € 150.000

Status: Completed 2002

For the series of designer shops PHONE POINT we wanted to create a clear image, suitable for various contexts and chromatically related to the brand. In a ‘neutral box’, there are only two walls with yellow and blue, the colors of the brand, and the brand itself is taken as an‘event’, projected a on a large scale.
In a kind of business which combines a product and a customer of traditional standard (just telephony) with a customer which has more sophisticated needs (internet surfing), the design response was based on the customization of some key elements, such as reception, tour desk and internet phone booth, with functional furnishing, easy to maintain, combining the use of wood, aluminum and glass.

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milano | 2002