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Address: Statale n° 38, Delebio (SO)


Scope of Work: Planning; Projects and 

Construction Management

Value:  € 240.000

Status: Completed 2008

The pedestrian overpass between the property area of the Carcano factory and the company car park which overpasses the highway No. 38 dello Stelvio, made entirely in the factory, was laid in a single night by a crane.

Consisting of stainless steel members that are connected to two side pylons resting directly on the Carcano areas, the bridge leaps over the underlying property A.N.A.S. and its pertinance area. Dimensioned with a total length of 30.27 meters, a width of 2.80 meters, and a free height above the roadway of 4.80 meters, the overpass is made of tubular profiles in lightweight design, completely covered by a thin mesh of network security stainless steel, which defines the volume with discretion by containing the visual impact.





delebio (so) | 2008