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Client:  Immobiliare Metanopoli S.p.A.

Address: San Donato Milanese (MI)

Architect: C. Pollazzon - G. Pensotti -

F. Nafesti - R. Ubaldi - C. Ferme

Scope of Work: Planning; Projects 

Size: 221.000 mc - 700 apartments

Value:  € 67.000.000

Status: Completed 2000

An architectural landscape is something that looks like a tale, in which the plot and the characters are made up of shapes and formal codes that run within the project, composing different and interesting situations.
In this project, winner of an invited competition, the basic codes are the towers, a sign of memory in sandstone version and a sign of the future in their metallic component. On the common thread of these dominant materials, we find the bricks for the roots of the buildings, and plasters, with the colors of the earth, thus customizing the courts. The different combination of these signs creates the articulation of the landscape and housing supply, while ensuring a strong formal overall unity. The offer to the expectations and tastes of buyers, therefore, results in a wide range of formal and typological solutions, with the creation of 700 apartments and a choice of over 150 different types.





san donato milanese (mi) | 2000

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